Law college in Delhi NCR

Innovative Group of Colleges

IGC, also known as the Innovative Group of Colleges, offers more than just law courses. Its campus spans approximately 6-7 acres and includes a peaceful green area, a lawn tennis court, and cricket pitches that are of exceptional quality and are trained by Ranji Trophy players. Additionally, a dedicated building on the other side of the campus offers a range of distinguished degree and diploma courses in Pharmacy, including a Master's degree program. Apart from this, our institution operates a Study Centre for IGNOU that provides various courses and diplomas in subjects such as law, as well as other prominent topics like Human Rights, Cyber Law, Patent Practice, and Para-legal Services, among others. Moreover, we are also renowned for facilitating superior academic and competitive exams, including the prestigious UPSC, within our campus.

Why Choose Our Institution

Law college in Delhi NCR
Law college in Delhi NCR
Law college in Delhi NCR
Law college in Delhi NCR

Our Specialization And College Features

Our Belief

That humans have to continually adapt to change; education being most appropriate tool to cope with the 'impact-of-change' in order to sustain continual progress of a society which can only be ensured through education, no profession should be taken up merely as a career …. We, at INNOVATIVE, LL.B. 3 year colleges in Delhi NCR therefore, intend to produce future change-agents through creation of ideal ambience for learning, research, interaction, debate and growth by facilitating the students to inherit value-systems as agile thinkers for creative innovation.

Our Philosphy

A quality education is a sine-qua-non for an educational institute that focuses on the whole persona of the student — the social, emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive development of each student regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or geographic location; it prepares the student for life, not just for a profession. We, at INNOVATIVE, pay particular attention to the key important factors in the quality of education, viz., pre-conditioning of pupils, learning environment, educational content, management of pace and depth of learning

Our Vision

To impart qualitative learning and skills-development for upcoming generations of professionals for cultivating core-competences for their chosen legal career besides a professional outlook and a value-system, compatible with their social-responsibilities through stimulation of a global vision of law and integration with international bench-mark conventions for individual, social and national development.To grow to be a premier world-class nucleus for creation of professional capabilities. avant-garde corporate milieu of 21st century.

Our Brand Stance

Continuous focus on creation of learning modules through appropriate mix of pedagogic and andragogic techniques (supplemented by real-life field/site visits and simulated structured exercises) for creation of need for experiential learning, readiness for evaluation of self-concept and a perceptive orientation for problem-solving, team-work and intrinsic motivation by establishing discipline, value-added education and training placement as 3 core values for building leadership capabilities to lead from the front while remaining a team player for which the Courses are designed to produce highly-skilled .

Career Options

The college abounds in resources that boost up our esteem. The management of the college ensures that all resources, men, and materials are harnessed to make learning an experience to treasure. In overall structuring of the programs, we give due weightage to critical factors like personality-development, oral/written communications and inter-personal skills in curricula while, at the same time, addressing the latest trends and emerging developments in the respective professional fields. We expect our students to stand out in the crowd and be counted for what they are and what they are capable of.

Professional Education

Admittedly, there is no single best approach to professional development; rather, it is preferable for multiple approaches to be integrated with one another for addressing the complex and dynamic characteristics of specific program contents and learner needs. Success rests on finding the optimal combination of approaches for different situations. Often, Lectures/Presentations (followed by Workshops) may be the first step in the professional development process, particularly if the purpose is to raise awareness among participants regarding new ideas or strategies.